BDC Naming

Data Cube Collection Naming

Each BDC Data Cube Collection is named following the convention:

<Satellite Sensor Alias>-<Time Step>*-<Version>

Satellite Sensor Alias is an alias to an image collection satellite e. g. S2, LANDSAT, CBERS4, representing Sentinel-2, Landsat-8 and CBERS-4, respectively. Note that a full description of the product can be found on its documentation.

Time Step is represented in naming by an integer followed by a capital letter, which can be D, M or Y, representing day, month and year, respectively;

Version indicates the product version.

Examples of Data Cube names are: S2-16D-2, CBERS4-WFI-16D.

Data Cube Collection File Naming

<Data Cube Collection>_V<Version>_<Tile>_<Start Period>_<Band>.tif

  • Data Cube Collection is an alias indicating a BDC data cube collection;

  • Version is the version of the Data Cube;

  • Tile is the code of a grid cell that contains the image;

  • Start Period is written as year-month-day and refers the first date of the compositing period;

  • Band indicates the file band

.tif indicate the file format, Cloud Optimized Geotiff (COG) in this case.

The file name “S2-16D_V2_008013_20220101_B01.tif”, for instance, represents a cube composed by images from the S2-16D_V2 data cube collection, which is an alias to S2-16D-2. This name indicates that it is a Sentinel-2 data cube (S2), using a time compositing function each 16 days (16D), version 2, from a tile with code 008013, which indicates Path (008) and Row (013), starting in January 01, specifically the coastal band image (B01).