BDC Concepts

CUBE COLLECTION: A collection of CUBEs (see bellow) with the following constraints: (a) it is associated with only one Geographic Reference System (GRS) that organizes the spatial dimension; (b) it is associated with a temporal schema (COMPOSITE SCHEMA) that organizes the temporal dimension; (c) it is associated with an attribute set (BANDS) that specifies the metadata of the ASSETs values.

CUBE: A four-dimensional dense matrix (x, y, t, bands), in which any cell have only one value. A CUBE is associated with a TILE (see next).

ASSET: A reference to a two-dimensional dense matrix (x, y) associated to a time (t) and a band of a CUBE ITEM.

BAND: A description of the matrix band values and data storage.

GRS: A geographic reference system that divides the space into regions (TILE) and uses a code system, specified by a set of numbers, letters, or symbols, to identify an unique region.

TILE: It is an element of a GRS, associated with a unique code, that represents a geographic region.

COMPOSITING FUNCTION: Is a function that determines a pixel value, according to a heuristic, from a set of pixels contained within a time interval.