BDC Available Data Products

Brazil Data Cube (BDC) project is a Brazililian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) initiative to produce and provide medium spatial resolution Data Cubes for the Brazililian Territory. There are products using images from the Sentinel-2, satellites of the Landsat Program, CBERS-4 Wide-Field Imager (WFI), CBERS-4 Multispectral Camera (MUX), CBERS-4A Wide-Field Imager (WFI), AMAZONIA Wide-Field Imager (WFI) and AQUA/TERRA Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) products.

In summary, BDC catalogs, process and distribute composed data from the mentioned satellite sensors, as well as the preprocessed to surface reflectance images. The processed products are Data Cubes, Image Collections and Mosaics, which are standardized by spatially mosaicking images, reprojecting them into a common projection, crop them into a tilling system and by selecting the best pixel through temporal compositing functions, considering clouds and cloud shadows masks. The available products are: