BDC Naming

Data Cube Collection Naming

Each BDC Data Cube Collection is named following the convention:

<Satellite Sensor Alias>_<Spatial Resolution>_<Time Step>*_<Temporal Compositing Function>

Satellite Sensor Alias is an alias to an image collection satellite e. g. S2, LC8, C4, representing Sentinel-2, Landsat-8 and CBERS-4, respectively. In cases where multiple image collections are used to build a Data Cube Collection, hifen is used to separate then in alphabetical order e. g. LC8-S2;

Spatial Resolution is the spatial resolution;

Time Step only is required when the data cube is time-composed. The Time Step is represented in naming by an integer followed by a capital letter, which can be D, M or Y, representing day, month and year, respectively;

Temporal Compositing Function only is required when the data cube is time-composed. The Temporal Temporal Compositing Function in naming is described as three capital letters e. g. AVG, MED, STK, which represents average, median and stack, respectively.

Examples of Data Cube names are: C4_64, C4_64_16D_STK, LC8_30, LC8_30_16D_STK, S2_10 and S2_10_16D_STK.

Data Cube Collection File Naming

<Data Cube Collection>_<Version>_<Tile>_<Start Period>_<End Period>_<Band>.tif

  • Data Cube Collection is the BDC data cube collection described in Data Cube Collection Naming;

  • Version is the version of the Data Cube;

  • Tile is the BDC grid tile in which the image is contained;

  • Start Period is written as year-month-day and refers the first date of the compositing period;

  • End Period is also written as year-month-day and refers the end date of the compositing period;

  • Band indicates the file band

.tif indicate the file format, Cloud Optimized Geotiff (COG) in this case.

The file name “CB4_64_16D_STK_v001_083101_2019-01-01_2019-01-16_B14.tif”, for instance, represents a cube composed by images from the C4_64_16D_STK data cube collection (CBERS-4 AWFI at a spatial resolution of 64m, using the stack time compositing function each 16 days), version 1, from the BDC Grid tile 083101, ranging from January 01, 2019 to January 16, 2019, specifically the green band image (B14).